How to set your social profile

2 min readFeb 17, 2023


Bircle Social provide an intuitive way to display your card presentation, synced directly with our physical + digital Bircle Leather Bracelets. Interface allows users to choose a profile picture, share your social networks and setup personalized POAPs.

How to set up your social profile on Bircle?

setup POAPs drops in any enabled device like the Bircle Leather Bracelets or Bircle NFC Cards, enabling to dispense them with a simple tap of a phone using NFC technology.

1. Go to on your browser. If you already own a Bircle Leather Bracelet, you can scan the NFC chip with your phone and access directly.

2. Click on “Login with Wallet” to sync your crypto wallet.

** Your NFTs must be associated with the same wallet you connect to.

3. Select your wallet of preference and follow given instructions. Since our app is token gated, we must verify that you own an NFT associated with the physical asset in possession.

4. Set up your profile picture and information, add direct access to your social networks (Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter).

5. Once the registration is done, you can also setup a personalized POAP for real-life events.

6. Your social profile is ready!




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