How to install Metamask?

4 min readMar 15, 2023

What is Metamask?

MetaMask is a digital wallet that enables users to store and transact cryptocurrency and NFTs ( non-fungible tokens). Bircle’s chip are synced to 3D digital twins — exact copies of the fashion clothes, which work as NFT on the blockchain.

Some apps also allow wallets as a way to log in.

How to install Metamask?

To use Metamask, you will need either to download the app available for iOS and Android devices, or install the official Metamask extension for your chosen browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox). We recommend you to connect your wallet directly to your phone, so you are also able to scan the NFC chip attached to the physical clothe.

Once installed, click the “Get Started” button to begin the registration progress. On the next step, choose ‘Create a Wallet’ and let’s get.

Time to set a strong password and make sure to store it safely.

After creating your wallet, you will be provided with a seed phrase. Write down this seed phrase on a piece of paper and keep it in a safe place.

Pay attention, this is an extremely important step.

This private password will allow you manage your NFTs. If you loose the seed phrase, you loose access to your NFTs.

You will be given with a 12-word phrase (also known as “seed phrase”) to recover your wallet if you’ve lost your phone or the device the wallet was stored in. If you forget your password, you will be allowed to access your crypto with your seed phrase but, if you forget your seed phrase, you will never recover your crypto and NFTs, ever.

To be clear, save and lock these two in a very safe place:

  1. Password (created by you).
  2. 12-word seed phrase (given by Metamask).

Metamask will then present you with your 12-word backup phrase. Write down this seed phrase with the words recorded in the same order displayed on your screen on a piece of paper and keep it in a safe place, because anybody who has access to your 12-word backup phrase will have access to the funds in your MetaMask wallet.

Remember if you loose your seed phrase, you loose your funds forever.

Click ‘Next’ once you’ve written this down.

To verify your backup phrase, enter the words in the same order as saved previously on the following screen. Once you have entered the words, click on the “Confirm” button.

Congrats! You are almost done setting up Metamask. Simply click on the “All Done” button on the final page, and MetaMask will log you in automatically.

Now that you wallet is set up, you can add funds to it by purchasing cryptocurrency or NFTs or receiving it from someone else.

Tips to protect your seed phrase

Ensuring the safety of your 12 words is of utmost importance as anyone with access to them can steal your NFTs. Here are some tips to keep them safe:

  1. Avoid saving your 12 words on a device connected to the internet as it could be compromised in case of a virus attack or remote hacking.
  2. Offline storage is highly recommended as it is more secure. You can save your 12 words physically or on a device without an internet connection.
  3. If you choose to store your 12 words physically, consider the material you use and the location you store it in. Writing them on a piece of paper that can easily be lost or destroyed is not recommended. Instead, consider using a security safe in a secure location or storing them at a bank.




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